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Eventually, you'll get serious. About cribbage that is. Then only a tournament board will fill that need.

Some are long, thin and simple, just like Paris Hilton. Some are short, fat and simple, more like me.

Peg straight up and straight back. Easy. Cuts down on errors and makes the state of play easy for all to see. Not designed as an offensive weapon when double-skunked, but these hardwood boards would double-up nicely in a pinch.

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Mahogany Split
4 Foot Split Board

2 foot long board that converts into a 4 ft board!

Mahogany Custom Tournament Board
Custom Tournament Board

A two-track custom tournament board in several wood species.

$85.00 - $90.00
Folding V Tourney
Folding V-Tourney Board

A two track folding v-tourney board in a choice of woods.

$105.00 - $115.00
Mahogany Tournament
Tournament Cribbage Board

This is a two-track tournament board.

$56.00 - $59.00
Oak V Tournament
V Tournament Cribbage Board

This is a two-track v-tournament board.

$63.00 - $67.00