Triple Tournament Cribbage Board

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SKU: 31608
Size: 19 in x 6 in x 0.75
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This triple tournament board measures 6" wide, 19" long and 0.75" thick. This board comes as standard with nine metal pegs in the color combination of your choice. The pegs live inside a pocket in the back of the board, held securely by a sliding brass plate.

The top four edges have a generous chamfer adding to the style of the board.  After sanding smooth, this board is brushed with shellac to protect the wood.



From a purchaser of the board:


Dave, I just received my new board from you in the mail. It is beautiful workmanship and just what I wanted! Many thanks for the deck of cards and the scoring cards, those will come in handy! Regards,   Rick O.,  Rockford, MI