Canadian Customs

When we ship a board, pegs or other goods into Canada, various duties, taxes, fees and charges may be added.

These are added by Canadian Customs after we have shipped the goods and before they are delivered to you.

There are several shipping companies in the US, such as Fedex and UPS, that offer brokerage services where you prepay the taxes and fees.

We find USPS is significantly cheaper than these other services, and the monies for the taxes, etc., are collected upon delivery.

We use ONLY USPS for our shipping.


We label each package accurately with country of origin (US) and the correct code, so there should be no duty under NAFTA rules.


However we can do nothing about GST (Goods and Sales Tax) which may be assessed at 5%

Then there is HST and/or PST, depending on the province, making a total of 5-15%

Click here for a great calculator to estimate the required taxes

(set category to "toys", the product to "board games", enter the value in Canadian dollars, and click the "NAFTA" button.)

Click here for a Canadian Customs page describing the process

If you owe duties and taxes, you can now pay online instead of at the time of delivery when you track your item online or by using the Canada Post mobile app.


A Canadian government handling fee of $9.95CAD is then added to this to "collect the tax".

Please expect to pay the taxes and fees before the goods are released to you.

If you are sending the package as a gift, please warn the recipient that a payment may be due on delivery.


LOW VALUE EXEMPTION: Customs does not usually assess duty or tax on mail items valued at $20CAD or less.

It probably makes sense to keep your order under $20CAD to avoid these taxes and fees, or make your order large enough so the fees make up a smaller proportion of your order.


Please make sure you are aware of the total cost before placing your order.