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David & Marty Oakes
The Cribbage Guy, LLC.

32053 N. Red Dell Loop
Athol,  ID  83801

We communicate primarily by email through

Email is the fastest and best option as the board-making process is very visual and it's much easier to swap links to images, and show mockups in emails too.

Projects often have many details, and we need to get it all written down so we all know where we stand.

If you don't hear back from us, keep an eye on your spam folder as sometimes our replies get redirected there.  If you hear nothing, please contact us again - If you entered your email address incorrectly, we have NO way to contact you!

As a last resort, you can leave us a message at (208) 696-1542 (15 for 2) but please note we rarely check voice mail or answer the phone as we get so many spam calls.  Please make sure to leave an email address so we can reply to you, as we also rarely reply to phone calls by phone.

If you need help with a template, your own board-making project, or general woodworking, you can order live phone support here.

We don't accept visitors except under exceptional circumstances as we work from home.