4 Foot Split Board

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SKU: 21307
Size: 24" x 3" x 0.75"
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Now for something completely different!  This two foot board snaps apart into two pieces, revealing the peg storage.  Both pieces can then either be played on separately or used as a singe two or four foot long board.  Not only that, but the design of the hole layout means you can play from the same end as usual, or even from opposite ends, passing in the middle!


This board is available in maple, cherry, mahogany or walnut and with six metal pegs in the colors of your choice.  The pegs live in grooves cut on the inside edges of the board.  To put them away, just stand one part on its side, place the pegs, then snap on the other half of the board!


It measures 24" long and 3" wide in its stuck-together form, expanding to 48" by 1.5" when laid out.  We use rare-earth magnets to hold it firmly together which will never wear out.


The top four edges have a generous chamfer adding to the style of the board. After sanding smooth, this board is brushed with shellac to protect the wood.



From a purchaser of the board:

Just received it.......LOVE IT!  My girlfriend is coming tomorrow and can't wait to use it.  I'm impressed not only with the workmanship, but the magnet strength is perfect, and so cool.  You are going to sell many of these when word gets around.   Thanks much,    Charles H.,  Fulshear, TX