Shipping within the US is always free except for our coffee tables.

We usually ship by tracked USPS Priority Mail and occasionally by First Class Mail if the item is light enough. We reserve the right to vary the shipping method and carrier as appropriate.

We will ship to most countries around the world too, given suitable notice, once we have agreed on shipping costs.  Deliveries outside of the U.S. may be subject to duties, taxes and delays, for which we are not responsible.  Please check for likely issues should you order from outside the U.S.

Click here for more information about fees and taxes for Canadian customers.

Shipments to Canada can be ordered directly through the website.  Please contact us regarding shipping to other countries.


When Will My Board Ship?

Most boards are made to order from scratch and ship out around six weeks after your order date.

When you select the options for your board such as peg colors or wood species, you will also have an opportunity to purchase a faster production service.

Generally, if you want your board made and shipped out in 28 days from ordering, it adds 10% to the price.

This is a low-cost way to move your shipping date up. 

For 21 days, it adds 25% and for 14 days, it adds 50%.

If you need your board made and shipped extremely urgently, in 7 days, that adds 100% to the price.

Although the price changes, the board is the same - you are just buying a spot higher up on our production list.

If you delay approving your design, we reserve the right to move back the shipping date a similar amount of time.


Good-To-Go Boards

Good-to-go boards, without changes, ship within a day or two of ordering.