Template Help

Thank you for purchasing one of our electronic .pdf templates!

This page provides as much help as we can provide for issues with downloading, printing and using them.


Firstly, we do provide a comprehensive Guide to Using Templates, available for free here:  Template Guide

It is also available on every template page on our website and we also make it available when downloading templates.

This Guide covers the entire process, from downloading to tips during board-making.


Errors During Downloading

The link to your templates was in the emailed receipt for your order.

You get 3 attempts within 30 days of order to download, after which the files are automatically locked to reduce abuse.

Please take care to note where your computer stores downloads as we have no control over this and no way to know this.

If you still have trouble, please email us and we may be able to email you the template file directly.


Errors During Printing

The provided files are standard .pdf files and as such, printing is a standard task for most computers and printers.

The templates though are often larger than a standard letter-sized sheet of paper and need to printed on several sheets and joined together.

We link to free software that can do this in the Guide, a standard free copy of Adobe Reader.

The Guide also explains how to join the sheets together.

If you have trouble with this, we do also offer ready-joined paper templates.


Errors During Board Making

Board making can be a tricky and frustrating process.

The templates are designed to make sure that the layout of the holes is going to fit on your wood and to take away the need for hours of measuring and calculations.

We can't, however, help with actually making your board apart from the tips in the Guide.

We do have a Guide to making peg pockets available here, as well as brass peg doors and sets of metal and wood cribbage pegs.


Live Phone Support

If you wish to order live phone support, we now offer that service:  Live Phone Support