Images, Logos and Photos

This page contains information about choosing photos, images and logos for your board.

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Q1: What sort of image or logo can I put on my board?

We can add most images and logos onto your board.

The key to a good image is a quality source image - ideally large with clear outlines and edges.

We use a traditional router and v-bit to engrave, then hand-paint the engraving, so half-tones and light shadows are not going to work.

We can now also add actual photos onto boards:

If you are not sure, please send us the highest resolution version you have or provide a link to it and we'll work from there.



Q2: Can you put a sports team logo or other copyrighted image on my board?

As long as you have permission to use the logo, we can usually add it to you board.

If you contact the team​​ or organization directly and ask for permission to have a craftsman create a one-off custom cribbage board, they will often grant permmission.

If you want us to get permission for you, we now offer that service here:

If you can't get permission, we can alternatively make a blank board for you to add a logo to yourself or a photo board to which you can add a metal print.



Q3: I want a photo on my board.  What should I send you?

We now offer boards with actual photos printed onto a metal insert:


For all other boards, we convert photos to a format that we can use to engrave using a traditional router and v-bit.

We don't use a laser or silk-screen printing so there is a limit to the detail we can capture in the wood.

We engrave, then hand-paint the image.

The larger the photo, t​​he better - try for at least 1Mb in size and as clear a photo as possible.

Most formats are OK, such as a jpg, bmp, pdf or other picture file formats.

If in doubt, please send what you have and we'll advise.​




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