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Sometimes it's nice to have the logo of your favorite team, company or college on a board.

Many logos are copyrighted and protected, and using one without permission could cost many thousands in legal fees and fines.

The first step in designing and making a board is to get permission to use the logo from the copyright owner.

If you ask them for permission to use their logo on a one-off cribbage board, made by a craftsman, they may grant you permission.

So far, we have had excellent luck getting permission from a whole variety of companies, authors, teams and colleges.  Once we have written permission, we'll be happy to work on designs, layouts and mockups for you.


Sometimes, people ask us to get permission for them, which involves tracking down an employee of the organization able and willing to provide written permission.

If you would like us to seek permission for you, please use this page to order that service.

This is not a fee to allow us to use the logo, but for getting permission to use it. 

This fee is for ONE organization.  If you want more than one logo on your proposed project, please add this service for EACH organization you would like us to contact.

Please link to the version of the logo you are interested in.  Sometimes there are many versions and permission is needed for each.

We'll make an attempt to get permission for you, and if that permission is refused, half of this fee ($10) will be refunded!

If we are successful, the charge is not refundable, even if you decide not to buy a board with the logo.

In the case that conditions are imposed as part of the permission, such as a fee, or other consideration, we will include that in with the price of your board.  This still counts as a successful attempt to get permission for you, even if you decide the total price for this and the board is too much.

Sometimes this can take quite a while as often requests are not a priority for the copyright owner.