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This page is for when you want us to make your board quicker than our standard 4 weeks.

Our boards are made from scratch which takes time - we currently have a waiting list of around 4 weeks.

This Rush option moves you up our list, meaning that your board will be made sooner.

Once your board is made, we will ship it via USPS Priority Mail.

Please note that the USPS delivery time is not included in the Rush time window that you choose.

For example, if you choose "less than a week" we will ship your board out within 7 days but it may take 3-4 more days to reach you within the US and sometimes up to two weeks in Canada.


3-4 Week Production

This adds 10% to your board price.  Your board will ship out in less than 28 days.


2-3 Week Production

This adds 25% to your board price.  Your board will ship out in less than 21 days.


1-2 Week Production

This adds 50% to your board price. Your board will ship out in less than 14 days.


Less Than A Week Production

This adds 100% to your board price. Your board will ship out in less than 7 days.


Good-to-Go boards and peg orders ship within a day or two for no extra charge.

If you have any questions, or specific deadlines, please click here to Contact Us.



Step 1:

Delete the "1" that is in the Qty box.

Enter the price of your board into the Qty box.

Don't use a $ sign or a decimal point, just the number itself.

For example:  If your board was $87, put 87 in the Qty box.

Step 2:

Click the button next to the time frame you would like to order.

The total fee for the rush production will displayed at the top.

Step 3:

Then click on the "Add to Cart" button on the right, then "View Cart" in the pop-up window, then "Checkout".


Please Note:

All dates are from when you APPROVE your design that we mockup for you. 

Not all jobs can be boosted up the production list due to varying workloads and other issues.

If you add this rush option after you order the board, the time window starts AFTER the rush order is placed, or the date of design approval, whichever is later.

If at any time we cannot meet your expedited request, we will contact you and refund the fee /and/or board purchase.