29 Cribbage Board

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A mahogany 29 Cribbage Board.


The highest possible hand at Cribbage is 29 points. It comprises all four 5s and the Jack of nobs. It is extremely rare to score a 29 hand in cribbage. In tournament play there is usually a special award for a 29 hand, whether it be cash or merely glory.

If you score a 29 hand, we would advise you to keep the cards, preferably with the signatures of the other players, photos and documentation too.  Such lucky 29 hands should be treasured and recorded and many collectors will pay handsomely for the 29 cards themselves.


This mahogany board is 14" x 10" and features three continuous tracks.

It would make an ideal trophy for the lucky recipient of a perfect hand.

It comes with nine metal pegs, which live in a pocket in the back with a sliding brass plate.

After sanding smooth, this board is brushed with shellac to protect the wood.


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