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Welcome to the home of the Cribbage Guy!

If you're looking for a unique, custom cribbage board you'll treasure for many years, you've come to the right place!

We make all of our boards here in our N. Idaho workshop and by buying directly from the board-makers, you'll not only have a more personal and enjoyable experience, you'll save some money too!

Our standard cribbage board designs are very clean and simple, with all the holes straight and well spaced, making for easy pegging.

Metal pegs come as standard, and they live in a pocket routed into the back of the board - no more broken or stuck pegs, and no blocked holes!

If you would like a custom cribbage board, just ask!  Mock-ups are free.

Remember that shipping within the US is always free.  Shipping for Canada and the UK is calculated during checkout.  If you live elsewhere, please contact us for a shipping quotation.

Happy shopping!

David & Marty,
The Cribbage Guy, LLC

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