Walnut Maple Cribbage Coffee Table - GTG 63601

Was: $385.00
Now: $350.00
SKU: 63601
Size: 40 in x 15 in x 23 in
Table Height:

In this good-to-go section, the boards you see are completed and waiting for a new home!  There's no wait while they are made, finished and dried.  That can take around four weeks.  You will get the actual board you see in the picture.  Just place your order and in most states, in two to three days your board will arrive by USPS Priority Mail.  Orders placed early in the day may get to go out the same day. The rest will usually go out the next working day.  Please read the description and check the photo carefully - some of these are experimental or with slightly different features than our regular boards.


This listing is for the actual table shown in the pictures!

The board has two removable stainless steel cup holders, that fit standard cans, bottles, snacks, etc.

This is an experimental table - the first with cup holders! The top is sanded slightly thinner than our tables are usually made. There are minor dimensional differences in the understructure too - we used standard leg brackets to fit around the cup holders, not the heavy duty ones on our standard tables.

Despite these minor changes, this is an elegant table that would grace any living room.

And the wood grain is just beautiful!

Sold at a discount from the regular price of $385.

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