Tortoise and Hare Template

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This 11" long and 3.35" wide continuous 2 track non-linear Tortoise & Hare template is designed for use with a 1/8" standard drill.  Each track has two starting holes, 120 playing holes and their own finish hole.

The Tortoise and Hare is a novel, non-linear board and is my own invention. It's continuous, spiral course is the full 121 holes but that's where normality ends.  The holes for one player start off close together then stretch out.  They take off really slowly, like a tortoise, sometimes a lap or two behind, then catch up really fast at the end. Of course their opponent has the opposite experience. They take off like a hare, really fast and are soon laps ahead.  But towards the end, they hardly move at all.  In fact, it's designed to be hard to see who is winning at all, changing the bragging dynamic of the game completely. 

Need something unique you can guarantee they don't aready own?  Want to surprise your playing partner?  Try the Tortoise and Hare!


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