> Rush Service

Our standard service is usually around 4 weeks from order / approval date to shipping date

It's an approximate time, sometimes 4 or 5 weeks, depending on how busy we get.

Most US destinations may take 3-4 days more to arrive after shipping.  Canada is usually 10-14 days.

We offer a Rush service to secure a quicker shipment date if you need it.

If in doubt, please ask, or choose the Rush service that gives you plenty of extra time, just in case. 

You may choose to skip the Rush, or choose a slower Rush than recommended - we'll do our best to get your board made and shipped to you as soon as we can.


3-4 Week Rush  - ships within 28 days

2-3 Week Rush - ships within 21 days

1-2 Week Rush - ships within 14 days

Less Than A Week Rush - ships within 7 days