Oversize Metal Cribbage Pegs

Per Order Charge: $10.00
SKU: 14617
Size: 1 3/8" tall
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Oversize metal cribbage pegs suit boards with 1/8" holes. 

They measure 1 3/8" long with a 1/4" head and are tapered to fit 1/8" holes.

PLEASE NOTE:  These pegs do not fit our King and Giant boards.  They are too small for our King and Giant boards that have 3/16" holes.  If in doubt, please ask!


They are available in Brass, Copper, Black Steel and Stainless Steel.

You can order any quantity in any mix of colors you would like.

Each peg costs $1.10 on top of the per order charge of $10.

If you are buying other sizes of pegs with this order, please click here to avoid multiple per order charges.

Each order of pegs shipped within the US will also include a free deck of new Bicycle Playing Cards!


Please note that orders that contain only pegs usually ship via First Class Mail, including those going to Canada.

Canadian orders for large quantities may be split into multiple packages to keep under the limits for First Class International. 


Although we don't manufacture these ourselves, they are made here in the USA!