Name or Initials Shaped Board

Recessed Version
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$145 - $180

Please contact us for a mock-up and price.

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A name or intials-shaped board with two or three tracks.

Here's a style of board we usually make as a custom featuring a name or initials.

The wood is carefully cut to form the letters and the holes run in a continuous track through them.

It's available in mahogany, walnut, maple and cherry and sometimes other species that we may have on hand.

Often there is room for some engraving on the front, and also on the back.

The font used depends on the lettering and number of tracks requested, as we need to use a fairly thick lettering style to make sure there is room for the holes and for enough structural strength for the board.  

Some combinations of letters introduce weak points that we can't avoid, making the board liable to break through mishandling such as dropping and bending. 

For those requiring a more sturdy version of the board, we also offer a recessed style that reduces this likelihood, shown here:


After sanding smooth, this board is brushed with shellac to protect the wood.

It comes with a set of metal pegs, which live in a pocket in the back with a sliding brass plate for closure.


As each board varies in size and price, please contact us for a free mock-up and quotation!




From purchasers of this board:


Good Morning,  Received my order over the weekend – The board is gorgeous and the bag is very nicely made … perfect size. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas. Sheila H.,  Lansing, MI

Our grandson was thrilled with his board, but his first game against his Mom, he was soundly beaten. He has a challenge ahead of him.  Was a pleasure meeting you both and wish you all the best for the New Year.  Cheers,  Don and Barb W., Nelson. BC

Good morning David, I am sorry I am just getting back to you.  Wanted to let you know that your work was absolutely great.  Board turned out just like you said, and I am very pleased with the final result.  I can not wait to give this to my grandfather and play the first game with him and my father...... and hopefully skunking both of them first game.... I will let him win later.  Good to know where to go if I ever need something like this again.  Thanks again, and hope this email finds you well.  Chad K., Oklahoma City, OK