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Not everyone lives in Sonora, CA or Des Moines, IA. And we don't keep in stock a board featuring every village, town or city in America. So here's a custom solution, at a fixed price.

We'll make a board, featuring any geographic area, state, province, country or continent. Then we'll add in a finishing hole in the location of your choice and develop a continuous cribbage track leading to it.

We'll use 3/4" thick mahogany, usually approx. 10" tall and 12" wide (depending on the state shape!), finished with shellac to enhance and protect the finish. Add start and skunk lines. This board comes as standard with six metal pegs in the color combination of your choice. The pegs live inside a pocket in the back of the board, held securely by a sliding brass plate.

And we'll engrave it with not only the location name, but a short phrase of your choice on the board front  too if you wish!

We'll even drill a hole in back so it'll hang easily on the wall between games! If you want to see a mock-up before ordering, they are free - just contact us.

If you would like engraving on the back of your board, you can add it here:  Extra Back Engraving

Just include it in your cart with your board when you check out!



From purchasers of this board:

The cribbage board arrived today and it came out FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for getting it to us so quickly. I will highly recommend you to everyone who sees this board.  Thanks again, Mary K.,  Abington, MA


Thank you both so much.....I just received my state of Nevada cribbage board. I love it.  It is a gift for a special nephew. The weather here has been a bit but as soon as I can I will hand deliver it. Thanks again. Patti D.,  Genoa, NV


It just arrived and it's WONDERFUL.  Thanks to you and your crew it will be a great Christmas present.  Regards, Jim M.,  Lee, NH

Hi David, I received the board today it's perfect!!  It's a special birthday gift for my son in law who grew up in Maine.  He's gong to love it.  Thanks.   Theo M., Binghamton, NY


Thanks for an excellent job.  Larry was surprised and pleased with his present.  And I'm delighted with your talents.  Thanks again.  Pauline C., Warrington, PA