Leaping Bass Round Cribbage Board

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Size: 15 inch Diameter x 1 inch Thick
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This impressive pine cribbage board is 15 inches in diameter and over an inch thick.  It has a pocket on the back with a sliding brass plate to store the eight metal pegs provided.  It is designed to hang on the wall when not in use and comes with a hanging hole pre-drilled at the top of the back of the board.

The board face features a leaping bass carved in 3d. The board is brushed with shellac and the coloration of the carving is added by using a deep brown water-based glaze.

It is also one of the simplest boards to play - one trip around to the end, no laps needed! Great for 2, 3 or 4 players.


From purchasers of the board:

Attached is photo of DWH with his new cribbage board. He LOVES IT! Thank you so much for helping me give him the perfect gift! Wishing you continued success with your beautiful work. Jackie B., Sacramento, CA

I received my Jumping Bass board yesterday and was pleased beyond words. I play with three other members of our Starbucks coffee group on Saturdays and have had to play teams as we did not have a four person board. I had some concerns about the color of the pegs, would they vary in color to make them easy to identify, not a problem, and very well done.  Thanks for the great work.  Robert P.,   Mount Vernon, WA

The mail lady just brought us a wonderful cribbage board! Thanks so much, my husband and I both think it is very special and represents both our "indoor hobby" and our "outdoor hobby". Great work!   Pat R.,  Independence, KS