King 2 Track Custom Cribbage Board

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SKU: 22630
Size: 16 in x 7 in x 0.75
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This board is designed to make play easy for those with limited vision or trouble grasping and moving pegs. 


The top four edges have a generous chamfer adding to the style of the board. After sanding smooth, this board is brushed with shellac to protect the wood.


Each hole is 3/16" in diameter, and the board comes with six giant 2" long metal pegs.  They live in a pocket in the back of the board, secured by a sliding brass plate.  This way, you'll never forget where you put your pegs! 


The board is 16" long, 7 inches wide and 3/4" thick and include engraving in the center.



From a purchaser of this board:


My Uncle Herb, who is 82 years old and very dear to me because he's a great guy....and he's my mom's older brother. My mom passed in 1999' so, in a way, he is a piece of her I still have with me. I planned out a cribbage board with "THE Cribbage Guy", then learned my uncle's eyesight had gotten worse. I was SO sad. But, Ta-dah! The Cribbage Guy came to the rescue! Much bigger board! 2" pegs! Deck of playing cards with BIG numbers & pictures! The story behind the board is my Uncle Herb was a diesel mechanic for the Navy during World War II, then went on to a career of fixing/tuning up tugboats on the Mississippi in Molene, IL. Well, he called me last night, very rare, he sends e-mails & letters, he was...choked up. He apologized for not saying "thank you" sooner, because he had received the board a few days before, and he'd been looking for a card to send and just couldn't find one that said "how much this cribbage board means to me." He went on about how beautiful the craftsman's ship was. He got out his magnifying glass he told me & exclaimed:"This isn't one of those cheap things where they just send wood thru a machine & get it stamped! No siree! This was done by an artist! And it's got my name on it!" I asked him if that a good replica of a tugboat. And he said, "It's perfect! I could put names on it, it looks so much like my tugs!!" Then he said:"You know what else was in the box?! A deck of playing cards with big numbers and pictures! Never seen such a thing! Was I supposed to get that too?!" I assured him, yes. He told me he's taking it everywhere to show people. Then he said:"You remember how much your mama & I used to play cribbage? And how when your daddy taught you, if you missed counting one of your points, he would take it?! HehHeh! I do believe I will have this buried with me, and as long as we don't gamble for a penny a point like we used to, the Lord'll let your mama & daddy & me use this board. After all, His son was a carpenter."   Jean W.,  Chicago, IL