Hole Numbers

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Sometimes, customers like adding numbers between the holes to help them count during the game. 

Here's an option that allows you to add them every 5 or every 10 holes.

You can also add the words "START" and "FINISH" if you would like them.


There's no easy way to do this - we engrave the tiny numbers between the holes, then carefully hand paint each one with a tiny paintbrush and acrylic paint.

On mass-produced boards, the paint is silk-screened or printed onto the top of the wood, instead of being protected in engraved numbers.


This service includes basic paint colors only and not matched tones of paint.

If you need specific shades of colors, please contact us first before ordering for a quote.


This option is NOT available on oak or pine boards.

Please note that not all layouts have room for numbers and words, particularly those with twisty paths.

Small numbers/lettering are also prone to chip on occasion as the wood can only hold so much detail.