Hockey Puck Board

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Size: ~11 inch Diameter x 0.75 inch Thick
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Hockey fans can now celebrate their favorite team on their cribbage board.  Copyright issues prevent us from engraving NHL and other team logos, but we can provide you with a blank board that you can attach a team puck into! Pucks are available on Ebay, from online retailers and in many official team stores.  Just make sure it is a standard 3" diameter puck.


Order this board in the wood you want, and when it arrives you can fix the puck of your team into the pocket with glue, velcro, tape or other fixing method.


This hockey puck cribbage board is 11 inches in diameter.  It hangs on the wall when not in use and comes with a hanging hole pre-drilled at the top of the back of the board.

Each hole is 1/8" in diameter, and the board comes with eight metal pegs, in the colors of your choice. They live in a pocket in the back of the board, secured by a sliding brass plate.  This way, you'll never forget where you put your pegs!

The board face features two spiral tracks and a 3.125" diameter pocket cut 1/2" deep in center area designed to accept a standard 3" hockey puck. 

After sanding smooth, this board is brushed with shellac to protect the wood.


If your puck is not 3" in diameter, please let us know and we'll adjust the pocket to suit.

Please do NOT send us your puck - we are not allowed to fix it in ourselves.



From a purchaser of this board:

Thank you very much for the wonderful cribbage board.   Eric K.,  Prior Lake, MN