Golden Eagle Round Cribbage Board

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Size: 15 inch Diameter x 1 inch Thick
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This impressive pine cribbage board is 15 inches in diameter and over an inch thick. It has a  pocket on the back with a sliding brass plate to store the eight metal pegs provided. It is designed to hang on the wall when not in use and comes with a hanging hole pre-drilled at the top of the back of the board.

The board face features a large golden eagle head carved in 3d. The board is brushed with shellac and the coloration of the carving is added by using a deep brown water-based glaze.

It is also one of the simplest boards to play - one trip around to the end, no laps needed! Great for 2, 3 or 4 players.



From purchasers of the board:

David - I'm one of those 55+ females who found you surfing the Internet on my phone. I spent weeks looking at every cribbage board seller and maker there is to find what I wanted. I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a nice eagle or wolf and then I found you! My husband loved the board I gave him for Christmas.  Thank you for the high quality work and I will definitely spread the word about your work and save others the long search :). Thanks, Pamela P.,  La Pine, OR


Just wanted to tell you that my son Alex really liked the Eagle cribbage board.  He said it was one of the nicest and biggest surprise gifts ever.  The craftsman ship and quality was excellent. Also thank you so very much for "rushing" the job to meet his birthday.  Once again from my wife and myself, "Thank You Very Much."   Bill P., Bloomington, MN


Hi David,  The board is really good, even better than the picture. I have seen quite a few eagles over the last few weeks on two holidays and you've captured the majesty (albeit they don't have holes around the edge!).  My Mother was very impressed and we enjoyed our inaugural game. Unfortunately the board did not stop her from winning. Now if only you could make one that... It has been nice doing business with you and I have enjoyed our electronic chats. Best of luck for the future and thanks again for a great board.  Sincerely, Colin P., Dorset, UK


David!!!  I'm at a loss for words!!!  It's beautiful!!  Thank you so much!!  Definitely recommending you to other people wanting a custom crib board.  Amazing work!  Tiffany P.,  Estevan, Canada


I'm excited to tell you that I got the crib board and it looks really good! When I gave it to my dad he thought it was the coolest crib board he had ever seen and started playing it right away! I wanted to say thanks!!  Tiffany P., Estevan, Canada