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$10 and upwards
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If you would like a custom template, designed to your specifications, this is the service you need!

With over 6,500 boards created and sold, we can help you with a clean, well-spaced, and playable layout.


The price for this service varies by template, ranging from $10 upwards.

Please contact us to arrange the design of the template you have in mind. 

Please provide as much information as you have to keep the cost down.

Sketches, clear descriptions, sizes, and the number of tracks required all help move quickly to a final design. 


We provide templates in .pdf format for you to print out.

The paper template produced when you print the .pdf file is designed to be adhered to the wood and drilled through by hand.

 We use a watermark to help protect our intellectual property, copyright and design work.


We do NOT allow the resale of the template itself.


We do not offer free technical support - it is your responsibility to import and use the vector file provided.

We do offer paid technical support if you decide you need it:


These files are available in electronic form only.  Nothing will be sent by mail.

They are also not to be resold under any circumstances.

By purchasing a template file, you agree to these terms and conditions.