Custom Hole Layout Service

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Size: Per Half Hour
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Most of our layout work is computer-aided. Most of this work is included in the cost of the board.

Laying out holes by hand however carries an artwork charge of $40 per hour, orderable in 30 minute sessions.

Here is a full description of this process, comparing computer and hand-layout.


If you want us to layout and adjust the holes on a custom board by hand, this is the page to order it from.

Two track boards usually need just an hour, and most three track boards can be done within two hours.

Some complex and curvy designs, especially those with crossovers and sharp corners may take a little more.

If we finish early, we'll refund the difference for you.

If the project takes longer, you may have to add the cost later.

If you would like an estimate of the time we would expect to take, please contact us!


This fee is not refundable once the time has been spent on the artwork, even if a board is not made.

However, an electronic copy of all artwork produced during the paid-for time will be emailed to you.