Colored Lines

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Sometimes, adding colored lines or painted tracks to your board can help with following the right track.

Here's an option that allows you to add however many you want!

Maybe just one will do, or maybe you want the two outside tracks, or all of them?

Choose the number you want and let us know the colors you would like.


There's no easy way to do this - we engrave a narrow groove between the holes, then carefully hand paint the line with a tiny paintbrush and acrylic paint.

On mass produced boards, the paint is silk-screened or printed onto the top of the wood, instead of being protected in an engraved groove.

And of course you are stuck with blue, green and red!


When choosing colors, please remember that our metal pegs come in aluminum/stainless steel, copper, brass and black steel.

It may be wise to match the track to the peg color - light grey, orange, yellow and black.

Our wooden pegs for 1/8" holes come in a wider range of colors.


This service includes basic paint colors only and not matched tones of paint.

If you need specific shades of colors, please contact us first before ordering for a quote.


This option is NOT available on oak or pine boards.