Brass Peg Doors

Repair Kit
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As your board ages and gathers character from use (or abuse!), sometimes it's nice to replace some parts.

This kit includes a new precut door for the peg door and both felt and cork feet.

Pre Dec 2017 Brass Door

Until recently, we individually hand-cut the peg door from brass sheet with a pair of regular kitchen shears. 

Once cut to shape, with rounded corners, we put a small bend in the center to stop it sliding out by itself.


Brass Doors After Dec 2017

From December 2017 onwards, we mostly use a machined door, made from the same brass.

The dimensions of the new door are 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches, the same size as the majority of board peg pockets.

Again, we put a small bend in the center to stop it sliding out by itself.

Some boards made after Dec 2017 still have different sized pockets so please measure carefully.



New Peg Doors


New Board Feet

We use mostly felt feet, although cork feet work well for some boards.

The kit includes six felt and six cork feet.  Gently peel or scrape off the existing feet, working inwards to the center, and put the new feet over any remaining mark.

Sometimes if the board develops a little wobble, as the wood reacts to the environment, a double layer is needed in one corner.

Extra feet are available if you require.


The kit is usually sent out USPS First Class without tracking.


If you would like a guide to making peg pockets, including the dimensions and router bit specs, you can find it here (and it includes the kit shown on this page)