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Size: Per Half Hour
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We offer enough free artwork with each project to generate the initial mockup and for some minor changes.

When we reach that limit, extra artwork is available at the rate of $20 per 30 minutes.

You can buy artwork services in any quantity of 30 minutes segments.

Un-used artwork time can be refunded upon request or kept on account with us for future work.


We try to keep artwork costs down as much as possible.

To help us reduce any charges, please make sure you:

  • Communicate clearly what you are trying to achieve
  • Provide any web links to suitable images or ideas you may have
  • Provide large, clear photos 
  • Consider sending in a sketch, however rough, if that would help 


Please understand that this is a non-refundable service once we have worked for the time specified on your project, even if no final board project comes from the result of this work or even if you do not like the resulting images.

If you have any doubt as to our ability to produce the image you have in mind, please find a local artist and have them produce the images.

Artwork time includes research time, searching for copyright-free images online, and the process of converting images for engraving, tweaking shapes, adding colors, laying out holes, preparing mockups, as well as other parts of the cribbage board design process.