15 4 2 Car Sticker

Setup Fee: $1.00
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Size: 5 x 3 inches
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Show your love for Cribbage with this unique 15 4 2 Car Sticker.

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This is a vinyl, self-adhesive, laminated, matte sticker perfect for the rear window of your car.

The design is currently available in black and dark brown.

They each have a white background, are euro-style and based on marathon-runner designs, but with a sneaky twist that other cribbage players will recognize.

Because if we weren't playing so much cribbage, we'd be out running marathons, right?

The first sticker is $2 - additional stickers only $1.

These usually ship out the next business day in regular 1st Class envelopes without tracking.



From a purchaser of these stickers:

Stickers are awesome.  Thanks!  Doug P.,  Fredericksburg, VA